Instagram Bio Checklist

Updated: Feb 25

Writing a good Instagram bio might seem straightforward, but it actually requires some strategy and creativity. More than 200 million people visit an Instagram Business profile every single day. When potential customers land on your profile – Your Instagram bio is the first representation they see of your brand. If you don’t grab their attention immediately – they’re going to leave, forever. Here is a checklist to help get you started in the right direction:

Optimize Your Name

The first step to creating a good Instagram bio is making sure that your Name Field is optimized with your name and/or a searchable keyword. The name and username fields are the only sections that populate in search queries, so it’s a great idea to make sure they’re optimized. So if Stephanie knows your name and knows you just opened a business but can't remember the name of it, she will search your name. You may have a personal account, but if you put your name or keyword in this line, she should be able to find your business that way, too.


If you have a Business profile you can choose a category for your business. It is displayed at the top of your Instagram profile and helps visitors to understand what type of business you have. This section is also a great space saver for your Bio so you don't need to repeat this information. Tip: Think about how customers describe your business

Who Are You?

When I look at an Instagram account I want to know the name behind the company, the face behind the company, and exactly what you can do for me. Tell the story of the solution you provide. Where can I go to find out more about what you do? Do you have a website or a free download that will help me understand what you do?

What can you do for me?

How can you solve their problem? A good Instagram bio explains what your business does and who it’s for (aka your target audience). The fact that you are a mom, have a dog, and love Jesus will not help me know your business. What can you do that will help me?


Your website, link in bio, the place where I can click to buy, find out more, download a freebie, get a discount, the place where the sale happens. This is so important! Your website is where they will go after they get to know you. Once they get to know you, they will learn to trust you. This will lead to sales and organic (word of mouth) sales!

Once you have a bio you’re happy with, ask a few people in your network what impression they get when they visit your profile and use their feedback to help make any adjustments.

Extra Tips:

  • Are your visual aesthetics consistent on your profile?

  • Are you using relevant hashtags on all of your posts?

  • Do you know when your best days to post on Instagram on are?

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